November 10, 2014

October 22, 2014

Halloween Photo Tips

Check out my latest Studio 5 segment on some tips for taking your Halloween photos this year:


October 16, 2014

A Boo-thday Party

Today we celebrated the 5th birthday of my little girl Hazel.  It was her first friend party and she decided that she wanted to dress up and have a Halloween themed birthday.

 photo web13_zpsb5a799c3.jpg

Invites + doughnuts on a string ready to be eaten.

 photo web7_zps5923fe45.jpg

 photo web8_zpsa1053215.jpg

 photo web12_zps3237b9ee.jpg

The haunted house cake/cupcakes were made by the same super talented gal that made Jack's superhero cake/cupcakes.

 photo web14_zps69680ce5.jpg

Mummy juice boxes.

 photo web11_zps74c3bd18.jpg

 photo web1_zps3ff655d6.jpg

 photo web10_zpsdf6822a6.jpg

We played Halloween Bingo.

 photo web9_zpsb9d2b2c4.jpg

Decorated mini pumpkins with stickers - less mess and still fun.

 photo web6_zps6a647a7b.jpg

My little helper setting up the next game - ghost bowling.  

 photo web5_zps36f1e5a0.jpg

We also played a "Monster Mash" freeze dance game and danced like different Halloween characters (zombies, ghosts, and skeletons)

 photo web2_zpsc2fb9634.jpg

 photo web3_zpsd0f50645.jpg

Our favors were a few Halloween essentials in a spooky little homemade owl bag.

October 7, 2014

Jack's Superhero Birthday

My little man turned 3 years old this week.  Here are some photos from his super hero themed party.  I just did a simple lunch, favors, and cake and ice cream since his little buddies are still so young for games.

 photo blog1_zpsc0796f0e.jpg

 photo blog2_zps5cf335ec.jpg

 photo blog8_zps88e36de6.jpg

 photo blog7_zps1d0e5293.jpg

 photo blog5_zps8839d9a7.jpg

 photo blog9_zps686bb859.jpg

 photo blog11_zps6fec3e5a.jpg

 photo blog12_zps803f1c79.jpg

 photo blog13_zps9582bdca.jpg

 photo blog30_zpsa7c9aca2.jpg

 photo blog31_zpse2f10d99.jpg

 photo blog32_zps551b9b48.jpg

 photo blog19_zps2d91cd30.jpg

They had favors waiting on their chairs - capes, masks, and some superhero candies

 photo blog6_zps28f27923.jpg

 photo blog16_zpsb281c378.jpg

 photo blog17_zps86f52862.jpg

 photo blog14_zps4e07dd7b.jpg

Then we opened presents

 photo blog18_zps338c6d1c.jpg

 photo blog21_zps05cd8cdc.jpg

Everyone had a lot of fun!!

September 20, 2014

Lilia's Room

So a while back we decided to finish a room for my oldest daughter Lili.  Upstairs at the end of the hall is a room that was originally meant to be a storage space, but somehow in the building process turned out to be a full sized, albeit oddly shaped, bedroom.  It is quite charming actually, with a window that looks out the back, and a little dormer window that looks out the front of the house.

I knew what I wanted, but I am no good at putting things together.

Enter:  Danielle Oakey

Danielle is amazing.  She has a beautiful, classic, simple, colorful style that is just what I wanted for this room.  I told her my budget, gave her an idea of what I like and don't like, and she took it from there.

So here is what she had to work with:

9 year old girl
Loves turquoise
Loves art
Great imagination/creative
...and that's it.

When Danielle got back to me with the concept for the bedroom and the pieces she picked out I was blown away.  It was like she read my mind when I didn't even know what I wanted.  Which doesn't even make sense now that I type it out.  But it's true.  She nailed it.

The room is not quite finish - we still have the finish work to do, built ins, a closet, window seat - minor details ;)  but we love love love it and are so pleased with Danielle and what she came up with.

 photo liliaroom7_zps0b60084e.jpg

 photo liliaroom6_zpsae1413af.jpg

 photo liliaroom3_zps6f29c690.jpg

 photo liliaroom5_zpseadeafd0.jpg

 photo liliaroom2_zps1034cf83.jpg

 photo liliaroom1_zpsa3af88bf.jpg

 photo liliaroom4_zps63ba3d89.jpg

September 19, 2014

Officially Booked for 2014

Mini Sessions wrap up tomorrow and they have been so fun.  The weather has been perfect and I have loved seeing old clients and meeting new ones!!  

In other news:   I have booked all my available sessions for 2014 and am now booking for 2015.  

 photo web1_zps72b1f9f0.jpg

 photo web4_zps0cbeed34.jpg

 photo web2_zps38be1a50.jpg

 photo web5_zps73c8e3ce.jpg

September 5, 2014

Mini Sessions 2014

They are here!  My most popular event of the year!!  Holiday Mini Sessions are back and I've changed things up to give my clients exactly what they want.  This year I am NOT offering holiday cards with your sessions, but instead I am offering full resolution images at a greatly discounted rate.  That way you can have the images to gift, print, and find a card that is the perfect fit for your family.   Don't want to have to put together your own card this year?  Not to fear, I still offer card services for those who would like them.   Cards and prints can be purchased a la carte at my regular rates.

What I am most excited about this year is the location.  Conveniently located in Ogden, Utah, this private property has an amazing pond, trees, mountain views, rolling hills, horses frolicking in the background, and the afternoon/evening light is unreal!!  I will have a canoe on hand for adventurous families - and I recommend you bring your coziest quilt for the perfect....yes perfect, fall backdrop.  

Sign up today!  Spots go fast!  Tell your friends/family/coworkers.  Can't wait to see you!

May 2, 2014

More Seniors....

We will be hearing this graduating senior on the radio one of these days, just you wait.  I'm crossing my fingers that when that happens he'll send me an autographed CD?....or let me photograph his album cover maybe?

 photo Scott1_zps57feba44.jpg

 photo Scott2_zps0179df97.jpg

 photo Scott3_zpsb0292f24.jpg

 photo Scott5_zpsbaff4eef.jpg

 photo Scott7_zps3546f747.jpg

 photo Scott4_zps69eefc35.jpg

 photo Scott6_zps1abab541.jpg

 photo Scott8_zps3e8ce625.jpg